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Lead Abatement

If you have children, you have probably heard about the hazards of lead paint and lead contamination. The health risks posed by ingestion of lead paint chips, lead dust, or even lead contamination in the soil are so severe that many states have strict disclosure rules regarding older buildings. Doctors commonly warn parents that any home or building built before 1978 runs the risk of being contaminated with lead.

But it’s not only children who are at risk. And it’s not just a question of flaking paint.

Lead contamination can threaten anyone’s health, adult or child. Exposure in the form of paint on walls or windowsills, plumbing hardware, soil contamination, lead pipes, and a number of other overlooked and hidden areas is a real danger for anyone living or working in an older building. Contamination can begin with something as simple as inhaling lead dust—with grievous health consequences.

Fortunately, All County Environmental & Restoration has specialists in lead abatement to assist you. With the serious health dangers posed by lead, we know that it must be removed quickly, safely, and without any harm to the environment. What’s more, we will identify and eliminate all of the sources of lead contamination in your building, letting you feel safe in your own property again.

Too many people have tried to ignore or cover up (sometimes literally) the dangers of lead exposure in their building. This is not a risk that you can afford to take. Call All County’s experts in environmental cleanup and let us create a specially tailored plan for lead abatement that will protect your property and your health.