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Contents Cleaning

Anyone who has been through a difficult, not to mention catastrophic, event can tell you that after dealing with the fear, the danger, and the property damage, it can be heartbreaking to face the possibility of losing treasured or important personal items. For a long time, such belongings would be written off as lost forever, but time and technology have worked to change that.

All County Environmental & Restoration’s content restoration services are the cutting-edge solution to the personal property you feared was damaged beyond repair. Not only are we able to save insurance companies millions in replacement costs, but we also understand the needs of both the insurance company and the customer. And we know that some things can never be truly replaced.

Superior cleaning processes and the latest technologies, like ultrasound and Hydroxyls, ensure the most effective and efficient process available, allowing us to restore your sentimental items. And, as always, our restoration process comes with the promise of environmental responsibility that is the hallmark of the All County name.

We are especially proud of our state-of-the-art facility, which continues to set the standard for content replacement processing. Moreover, our expert restoration team is highly skilled and receives ongoing training, education, and screening on the latest restoration techniques, ensuring that your property will always be in the most experienced and knowledgeable hands.

In fact, we are so confident in the skill of our staff and the quality of our service that we welcome you to stop by our facility at anytime during normal business hours. You don’t even have to call first.

Our content restoration services include:

  • Onsite cleaning & onsite storage
  • Content secure storage
  • Pack out and pack in
  • Furniture restoration
  • Content cleaning
  • Artwork restoration