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Fire and Smoke Damage

When your property goes up in flames, donā€™t let your peace of mind go with it.

All County Environmental &Ā Restoration provides certified professionals in fire and smoke restoration. Though the damage from a fire may be obvious to the eye, the unique damage caused by smoke can make your losses increase dramatically. What you need is a company that can assess the full extent of your damage and loss, and knows how to fix it. All County Environmental and Restoration surveys the damage to determine the extent of the fire, smoke, heat, and moisture damage that has affected both the building and its contents, and then cleans up the damage, restoring the property to its pre-loss condition.

Once the fire trucks have left, your first instinct may be to rush into your home or office to salvage what the fire has left behind. This is a common mistake that both home and business owners make in the first rush of worry and stress caused by a fire. Itā€™s also the time when itā€™s most important to call in the professionals. Not only is the site unsafe, but also you may inadvertently cause further damage to your property. Instead, call in an experienced fire and smoke restoration specialist like All County Environmental &Ā Restoration. We understand what you are going through and are experienced in working with both you and the insurance company to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Facing the loss of treasured and important personal possessions to fire and smoke damage may be one of the most difficult aspects of coping with a fire, but All County Environmental &Ā Restoration is there for you. Not only are we able to restore the building and property, but our content restoration division will use state-of-the-art cleaning and restoration techniques to restore your sentimental belongings as well. From furniture to electronics and artwork, our content restoration specialists have the skills and experience to recover the possessions that you were afraid would be lost for good.

All County Environmental &Ā Restoration specializes in all of your fire and smoke cleanup and restoration needs. Give us a call today and let us help you get your home or office back to its pre-loss state.