Services Demolition


Sometimes, in order to build something right, you need to break it down first.

All County EnvironmentalRestoration provides a full complement of demolition services, whatever the project may be. Whether you’re in need of a total building demolition or just looking at the removal of a few feet of block wall, we have the expertise and the right equipment to do your job safely and efficiently. All County EnvironmentalRestoration is experienced in everything from land cleaning and grading to tower and stack demolition. Even if all you need is a simple interior strip out or to tear out a driveway due to structural damage, we are here to help you start your project—whatever its size and scope—right away.

With its many years of experience, All County EnvironmentalRestoration is well-known for its experienced, safe, and efficient performance. Our services include site clearing, interior demolition, building demolition, and asbestos abatement—and all with the respect for the environment that has made us one of the most respected and trusted companies in the industry.

If you’re looking to rebuild your site to like-new condition, we can also help with reconstruction services. All County’s experienced tradesmen can provide the new plumbing and electrical work that will get your property on the right track, and on a timetable that will make you glad you brought in the experts in demolition and reconstruction.

Whether you are in need of a demolition due to natural disaster or manmade damage, please call All County EnvironmentalRestoration to receive a free quote. Our contractors are licensed and fully experienced and equipped, with the highest degree of know-how and equipment to rebuild your site to its original condition, from the plumbing to the last coat of paint. No matter how challenging your demolition or reconstruction job may be, our experienced and skilled teams will bring your home or facility back to life, ensuring that you’re back to business-as-usual in no time.