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Specialty Cleanup

When facing the need for specialty cleanup services, many property owners face a difficult challenge. Safety and health considerations require them to act as quickly as possible, but they also can’t afford to spend months with limited access to their building. That’s when the experts at All County Environmental & Restoration can help the most.

All County Environmental is licensed to handle all of your specialty clean up needs, from treatment for mold and mildew issues to asbestos mitigation and lead abatement. All County’s experts will assess your property and determine the quickest, safest, and most environmentally responsible way to handle your specialty cleanup job.

Handling a contamination issue can be frightening. The legal issues, the financial implications, and the health and safety concerns all combine to make it critical to resolve the problem quickly and completely. All County will take the time to correctly diagnose the issue, then handle your cleanup job properly, addressing any root cause and seeing that the problem is fully resolved.

At All County Environmental & Restoration, we’re licensed and certified to handle the mitigation of asbestos, lead-based paints, and blood-borne pathogens. We have both the equipment and knowledge needed to free your home or building from the threats of any of these toxins in a manner that will get you back into your property as quickly as possible.

Whatever your specialty cleanup job, call or contact All County today to get your personally tailored plan for eliminating health risks and contamination issues and making your building safe again.