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Air Duct Cleaning

Out of sight may mean out of mind, but that’s no reason to forget the importance of maintaining your ventilation system. Not only is frequent care and cleaning necessary to prolonging the life of your air ducts, but it’s also key to ensuring a healthy living and working environment.

Air ducts are one of the many places that mold and similar organisms can first start to invade your home or building. And the health risks and financial injury that come from untreated and undetected mold are well documented. Fortunately, simple inspections and professional air duct cleaning will be enough to ensure that your ventilation system is running smoothly, efficiently, and safely.

All County Environmental & Restoration is experienced in identifying mold and other risks to the health and efficiency of your ventilation system. What’s more, we are also experts in treating these issues before they threaten your health or affect the worth and safety of your home. All County can conduct a thorough and low-cost air duct inspection, identifying possible health hazards as well as inefficiencies or faults in the system.

Mold and other microorganisms are constantly trying to take up residence in the comfortable conditions of your air ducts. Don’t let them become a hazard to you or your family. All County’s air duct cleaning and inspection service will let you know exactly what may be living and growing in your ventilation system, then help you work out a plan to sanitize and protect it. You’ll be breathing easier immediately—not just because of the improvement in your air quality, but because you’ll have the comfort of knowing that your air ducts are sanitary and running at peak efficiency.