"Message From The C.E.O"

Don Moser’s guidance and leadership as the CEO and President of All County Environmental and Restoration has been critical to the growth and development of the company. With Don managing the strategic direction and corporate growth of All County Environmental, the company has continued to expand into new and exciting areas. In addition, his excellent rapport and relationships with the major insurance companies has helped All County gain a reputation for honesty and reliability, making All County the contractor more people trust to help navigate the insurance claims process.

With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, his know-how and expertise have been the foundation of All County’s success. In addition, his 20 years of specialization in the field of restoration have allowed us to keep on the cutting edge of innovations and advancements in the industry. Don continues to hold himself to the high standard required of all our experts, holding licenses in B-General, DOSH, and ASM Abatement as well as Mold certifications. As a recognized authority in his field, he has also been called to participate in construction defects and similar litigation cases.

All County is proud to have a knowledgeable, experienced leader like Don to continue to push us to reach an ever-higher standard for our customers.